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Campus or City Liaison Program  

Don't miss the chance to apply for the Program now! 

Your participation could lead you to become a Campus or City Liaison, allowing you to make a tangible impact within the global BPIA community while gaining invaluable hands on experience.

Location: Remote 

Periods: Full-Year 

Campus Liaison and City Liaison roles present exceptional opportunities to enhance community engagement within the global BPIA network. These positions seek dedicated volunteers to act as local representatives, fostering connections among BPIA members. As a Liaison, you'll take charge on campus or within a city, facilitating member meet-ups, local events, and more. Your inputs will be crucial in shaping our community.

This volunteer role spans one year, during which you'll be a vital link between BPIA and your local area. Collaborating with the BPIA board, you can propose and organize events that align with our mission. We encourage a regular meeting rhythm, with Liaisons meeting at least once a month, or more frequently if desired. These meetings will serve as opportunities to share insights, identify possibilities, and engage in field-related discussions. It's a streamlined approach to integrate new members, ensuring they can participate actively throughout the year.

By becoming a Campus or City Liaison, you'll not only contribute to the growth of our community but also gain valuable leadership experience and networking opportunities. Join us in driving positive change and forging meaningful connections within the BPIA network. 

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BPIA membership is open to all applicants who support our mission and goals without regard to race, religion/creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual preference or identity.

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